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Zombeavers-Official Trailer

zombeaver movie trailer

Zombeavers is a horror comedy that is in post-production and said to be released later this year.

With the rise of so many zombie flicks and shows, you would think that the studios would finally call it quits. Well they haven’t and I am glad that they’ve decided to make this movie. Come on who doesn’t love beavers? They are warm, fuzzy, have huge ass buck teeth, oh and a thirst for blood. This hybrid ‘Zombeaver’ just looks so cute, besides that they want to eat you of course!

The whole idea of this film just might have the right mixture of terror and comedy. Did they do it right, will you laugh more then you think oh shit? We’ll let you be the judge on this one. For now I just want to know where I can get my own Zombeaver!

Bleeding out!

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