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‘YMIR Awakes Scene’ – 20 Million Miles To Earth 1957

20 Million Miles To Earth poster

Best Monster Scenes

In this classic 1957 horror monster scene, from the movie 20 Million Miles To Earth ‘YMIR AWAKES’ to find him self captive and he’s not a happy camper. He breaks free from his binds as he screams out of anger. Watch the puney little humans vacate and run for their lives.

1950’s Classic Horror Films

20 Million Miles To Earth is one of many 1950’s classic horror films. You got to love the simplicity of the black and white film and lighting. They used to get away with so much back then. I sometimes think that color other than the awesome red of blood killed the classic films. Either way this is a great movie and you should watch it if you get a chance to.

“Keep It Brutal!”

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