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Who Is The Real ‘Mr. Jones’?

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‘Mr. Jones’ is coming!

The upcoming horror film Mr. Jones will have an exclusive theatrical release May 2nd, and will be available on DVD, Blu-Ray, and On Demand May 6th. It is written and directed by Karl Mueller, and stars Jon Foster, Sara Jones, and Mark Steger.

This film is centered around the character of ‘Mr. Jones’. But who is this Mr Jones? Well they are associating him with a scarecrow and a creepy house in the woods. As luck finds it, a young couple move out to the woods and come face to face with this character.

I have mixed feelings about this film thus far. It is yet again a ‘found footage’ style horror film which we have now seen a million times. I have yet to watch one where I was completely impressed, but maybe this will be the gem in a box of rocks? We won’t know until the films release and hope that it is more impressive then we’d imagine!

Bleeding out!

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