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‘Under The Skin’ New Official Teaser Trailer

under the skin scarlett

Under the Skin is a film about an alien seductress that preys on lonely hitchhikers. It doesn’t seem so bad since its Scarlett Johansson right? Alien or not I’m sure people would be ecstatic that this is happening to them. Anyways, it stars Scarlett Johansson and is directed by Johnathan Glazer. Once you check out this “teaser” you will be even more lost in your thoughts of what is happening or what could happen. So far it looks like it would trip you out even without the use of drugs.

Check it out and decide for yourself!

It is said to be released April 4th, 2014.

About the author: I am a dark art artist, musician, music photographer/journalist and model photographer. Social Links: Facebook Twitter Google Plus.

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