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The Walking Dead- ‘Still’ recap

the walking dead daryl and beth

The Walking Dead episode ‘Still’.

This episode of The Walking Dead was all about Daryl and Beth. We yet again are focused on only two characters (besides the walkers), for the entire hour. What was everyone else doing? The Walking Dead episode prior to this one gave us a lot of information and introduced us to new characters. It gave us momentum to move forward, but it seems like the producers like to give and take.

In this episode of ‘Still’, we see Beth and Daryl just getting by. They had to leave the prison, leave everyone and everything they know and must try to survive with each other. Daryl seems very standoffish while Beth wants to explore and do something new. She is tired of the old routines and decides she wants to find a drink. Is this a smart idea seeing as if you get wasted then you are more likely to become a walkers next meal? Yes they have and are going through a lot, but I don’t think that drinking would help out anyone at this point.

Beth will do anything for this ‘drink’ and Daryl eventually goes along with it. All this talk of drinking really made me want a drink, anyone else feel the same? Anyways, as Beth and Daryl battle the walkers, they end up at a bar that only has one type of drink left, peach schnapps. If this was going to be your first ever ‘drink’ would you be like Daryl and break it? He’s like, Sorry Beth we if you want a drink then I’ll go get you a drink. Oh what a nice guy he is turning out to be!

Daryl then takes Beth to a moonshine house, where she finally gets her drink. Beth feels like playing drinking games, I guess anyone’s ‘first time’ can pep you up with just a little alcohol. Daryl goes along with it, but not for long. We get to find out who he was before the state of the world is. Basically we learn that he was a nobody who followed in the shadows of his brother. What were we all expecting him to be before we actually learned this? I for one never really thought about it and did not really care. All I know is that he is a great character, good with a crossbow, and has a good heart.

After Daryl’s little ‘heart-to-heart’, Beth decides to have a little more fun. By that what do you mean? Well I think all of that drinking finally got to her (moonshine can make you do crazy things), and she decides she wants to burn the house down. Since we now know ‘who Daryl is’, he joins in and they both blow up the house. Where will they go from here, what will they do? Whatever they decide we know that Daryl and Beth share a new bond and we can only hope them both the best!

What did you think about this weeks episode? Did you want to see more or think that it could of been better? Let us know your thoughts and what you look forward to next week.

Be sure to check back with us next Sunday as we review season 4 episode 13, ‘Alone’. From this teaser video it definitely looks like a nail-bitter.

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