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The Walking Dead Recap-Did They Take It Too Far?

the walking dead grove carol

The Walking Dead ‘The Grove’.

Did this episode of The Walking Dead take it too far? First off if you watched this episode like we did it was full of ‘wth’ moments that were really messed up. Where do we go from here? Well let’s break down the episode and get into the true nitty gritty!

The episode follows the group of Carol, Tyreese, Judith, Mika, and Lizzie. The two sisters Lizzie and Mika truly do not grasp what the ‘walkers’ really are. They have a warped mind as we see Lizzie tell them, we don’t have to kill it, as a walker comes after them but gets stuck in the train-tracks. They follow her wishes and leave the walker ‘alive’. As the episode continues we see that Mika has a better understanding of the walkers but Carol does not feel that if need be she would kill one. She doesn’t have a bad bone in her body, well we hope she does because the walkers are coming.

Carol is inside of the house that they have laid refuge in when all of a sudden she peaks outside and see’s Lizzie ‘playing’ with a walker. Carol obviously runs out and kills it, and Lizzie is all upset. She just wanted to play, you’ll see they aren’t what they seem. Hmm well really kid? I am pretty sure it just wants to eat you!

Beyond this event, Lizzie returns back to the walker that was on the tracks to feed it a rat. Okay yeah this is a bit messed up don’t you think? Mika shows up and watches as her sister does this when all of a sudden a bunch of walkers show up. They run back to Carol and Tyreese and we finally see the girls ‘kill’ the walkers. It was as if something finally clicked and they understood what to do.

Honestly after this happened I finally had hope for these two kids. From the beginning they were pissing me off so much just doing stupid things that I wish they would die. Sad to say that I must of known something bad was going to happen.

Tyreese is then with Carol and Judith as they return back to their place of refuge. We see Lizzie standing there with a bloody knife in her hand and her sister Mika dead on the ground. This was a major shocker moment and I literally could not believe what she had done. Not only just kill a human being but her own flesh and blood? Damn brutality and all she has to say is, ‘Watch she’ll come back, you’ll see’. Horrible! You can see that Carol and Tyreese are devastated and must figure out what to do with Lizzie. Tyreese goes in the house with Judith and leaves the rest up to Carol. It is obvious what she must do, Lizzie is unstable and if they keep going like they are well, they’ll all be dead soon enough.

Carol tells Lizzie to look at the flowers, just look at the pretty flowers. Is this suppose to make us ‘feel more’ for what she is about to do? Well either way Carol shoots Lizzie in the head and that is that. They had to do it in order to be safe but damn, really sad I must say!

The end of this episode gives us another piece of the puzzle. Carol comes clean with Tyreese and tells him the truth about the death of Karen and David back at the prison. She killed them in order to stop the infection from spreading. After all they have been through, you can see the look on Tyreese’s face but he decides to forgive her. Whew, we thought that they all were going to die in this episode!

This was definitely a heart wrenching episode which uncovdered a lot of details. Did you think that they took it too far with the death of the girls? Or did this have to be done to survive? Let us know your thoughts and remember to watch next week’s episode entitled, ‘Us’.

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