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The Walking Dead Recap-Did ‘Alone’ Deliver?

the walking dead daryl

The Walking Dead ‘Alone’.

Alright so what did I think about last nights The Walking Dead episode? Well I was yet again disappointed. If you saw the ‘teaser’ video for this episode then you know that we were hoping for a lot more. The whole fog scene never really existed.

Anyways, in this episode we get to see how Bob joins the rest of the group. From here Daryl and Beth are yet again with each other, fighting walkers, and all that jazz. They find a funeral home and decide that it would be a safe place for them to stay. They happily eat food at the dining table, and Daryl finds comfort in a coffin. Jokingly saying that it is the ‘best bed’ he’s been in for a long time. Beth sings while on the piano and that is that.

It then pans back to Bob in modern time, as he is with Maggie, and Sasha on a journey to find Glen. Well at least Maggie wants to find him and will do whatever she can. They end up at the train-tracks just like everyone else and see that all roads lead to the ‘Sanctuary’. Maggie just ‘knows’ that Glen will be there so in the middle of the night she leaves Bob and Sasha to find him. Obviously she doesn’t want to be a burden to the others, but doing so they know they must continue on and find her.

It then goes back to Daryl and Beth as they hear a sound outside. They created a barrier so if any ‘walker’ comes into contact with the ropes they will hear it. Luckily it is only a one-eyed dog, so Daryl just laughs it off. No big deal right? Well think again. They think that they will be safe in the cozy funeral home when they hear the sound again. This time it is a shitload of zombies and Daryl fights them off as much as he can and tells Beth to run. Beth gets out and so does Daryl, but we find Beth’s equipment on the ground as a car speeds off away. Did someone take her or did she just decide to hell with it Daryl, I’m going alone? We do not know now but the next episode, I am assuming, will give us the answers.

We now have poor Daryl all alone walking down the road looking for Beth. Suddenly a gang of ‘humans’, surround Daryl and threaten to take his stuff. Well hey at least they are not more walkers after him right? Daryl has a few words with who we feel is the leader, they go back and forth, and eventually it seems that Daryl will be joining their crew. Well at least he won’t be alone now and these men look a lot like Daryl. Well at least clothing-wise, besides that I would say that they need him more than he needs them.

We jump back to Sasha who is separated from Bob when she runs into a ton of walker. Out of nowhere Maggie appears as if she was sleeping with the dead bodies, and well you know what follows. Walker bashing, blood squirting, and of course, many dead walkers.

Somehow as Maggie and Sasha reunite, they continue back down the railroad and find Bob. Seems kinda funny to me as Maggie has been gone awhile, Bob has been walking for a long time on his own as well, but somehow in a flash they are together. I guess they just had to speed up the process so we could get all those happy feelings inside. Well I didn’t but maybe you did?

Anyways, the final scene we get to see an alive Glen and he in fact is on the tracks and headed to Sanctuary as well. I guess if they ever reach this so called ‘Sanctuary’ and do so alive, then they will all get reunited. If only things could be that simple. I am thinking that once they get there it will be much less of a sanctuary and not what they expect. But hey I could be wrong, and maybe they all have a happily ever after, eh but I doubt it.

So all in all there really wasn’t too much excitement for me in this episode. People walking, killing walkers, joining crews, kidnapped and or being selfish, and reuniting back together. I would say that sums up this episode perfectly!

I don’t know about you but for now I am not getting excited when they give us a sneak peak for next week. It never seems to pay off, so this time I will not keep my hopes up. I will watch the episode for what it is and hell if something amazing happens then right on!

Give us your thoughts on what you thought about this episode and what you will be looking forward to next week.

Bleeding out!

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