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The Walking Dead ‘After’ Midseason Premiere

the walking dead tv premiere
The Walking Dead mid-season episode ‘After’ just premiered on AMC.

If you didn’t get a chance to see it then be sure to watch it when it re-plays next week. Otherwise here’s a recap of what happened on this episode and my thoughts on what the hell I just watched.

What happened in this episode?

Michonne starts out the episode slicing and dicing heads as if they were nothing. Walking around with her ‘walker’ pets, whats up with that anyways? If it were that easy for the walkers to just leave you alone then I’d think they’d all have zombies on a leash.

The only other characters in this episode so far are Carl and his dad Rick. After what has happened they decide to leave the compound in search for something better, a ‘safe place’. With Rick being badly beaten by the Governor, they find a home but Carl must finally be the protector. He ‘mans up’ and kills zombies as his father is sleeping. Then decides to leave him there helpless and do his own thing. Let’s hope they will both be okay alone now.

Now back to Michonne who is walking with the walkers but she snaps. She kills them all with her katana sword, and does an awesome job I do say so myself.

Carl almost shoots his dad thinking he’s a walker. Seriously kid, yeah that would not have ended very well. In the end they are back together and all is well. Michonne randomly comes across them at the house and boom, episode done.

So what did I think about this episode of The Walking Dead?

Honestly I thought that it could have been better. I have been waiting for this episode for awhile now and it just didn’t do it for me. When they ended the last episode with the death of the governor and all the other shit that happened I was expecting much more! All we get in this premier of ‘After’ is Michonne chopping off heads left and right, and Carl and Rick going their separate ways then back together. We get to see a different side of Carl as he does ‘man up’ when he needs to.

What did you think of this episode? Was it what you wanted and more? Let us know your thoughts either way. I for one am looking forward to next weeks episode as it looks a lot more interesting! Until then, lets go kill some walkers!

Bleeding out!

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