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The Station aka ‘Blood Glacier’ Distribution

blood glacier the station dog

The premiere of ‘The Station’ at Toronto’s Midnight Madness was a huge success. Director Marvin Kren has done it again with this Austrian horror flick.

Following the premiere IFC has bought this film and we are sure to see it on the channel soon. It was released on DVD in the UK on the 29th of January.

Basic plot of The Station (Blood Glacier):

Janek (Gerhard Liebmann) is part of a team that is investigating climate changes at a weather station in the Alps. While there, they soon discover that the glacier begins to turn red from a mysterious substance. As they try to figure out what is causing this they learn that this ‘red’ is an organic substance that can mutate anything it comes into contact with.

Were all those terrifying creatures that we’ve always heard about true? Is this just the beginning? I’m pretty sure if I saw a red glacier or should I say ‘Blood Glacier’, I’d pack my bags and get the hell out of there as fast as I could.

Check out the trailer for the film and see for yourself.

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