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The Following Season 2 Episode 2 Review

the following season 2 bacon

The second season of “The Following” just premiered its second episode on FOX. Did you miss out on season 1 like me? Well if you haven’t heard about this series or are now a follower this is one to definitely pay attention to.

I figured this was going to be your standard detective shows but boy was I wrong. It has you going from the beginning it started. Brutal killings, masks, and odd as shit twins that have you guessing til the end. We now know that Joe Carroll is not dead and that it can only get better from here. Kevin Bacon is gaining a second life with “The Following” and can only expect even more craziness to where this show could lead to.

Are you not a believer yet? If you missed this episode you need to watch it next week and see for yourself. There will always be people with their negativity who say it “could be better”. I for one just started watching this series and look forward to what odd shit could happen next.

Check out the trailer for this season opener and see if you will also become a follower of “The Following”.

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