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Scream Park-Take A Ride To Your Death

scream park news

‘Scream Park’ is your ultimate nightmare.

Scream Park is an upcoming horror film that will be available on DVD April 22, 2014. Produced and directed by Cary Hill, and it stars Doug Bradley (Hellraiser), Nicole Beattie, Kailey Marie Harris, and Dean Jacobs.

I don’t know about you but any film that has Doug Bradley in it, well I’m game! He was fantastic in all of the Hellraiser films and I cannot wait to see what he delivers in Scream Park. This film also pays homage to the 80’s and brings back the retro-style of horror that we all long for.

What is Scream Park about?

Scream Park is about the Fright Land amusement park that is about to close down. They are not getting enough business and must do what they have to. Hyde (Doug Bradley) is the park owner and only has one more chance to sell tickets before it is all over. He decides to hire two murderous maniacs to ‘break in’ the park and kill all of his employees. Sounds bloody fun so far right? Well Hyde has miscalculated and these murderers are on the rampage for blood. He has unleashed a horror that is unimaginable and will leave no survivors.

Bleeding out!

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