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Jennifer Love Hewitt-Screaming to Tan

i still know jennifer love hewitt bikini

In ‘I Still Know What You Did Last Summer’ Jennifer Love Hewitt shows us a legit bloody-murder scream.

Jennifer Love Hewitt (Julie) and Brandy Norwood (Karla) sure do know how to scream. Although, I Still Know What You Did Last Summer did not get very great overall reviews, I think that their screams made up for it. At least they were believable, (let’s not say anything about the acting here)!

Karla screams first as Julie is getting set up in her tanning bed. Of course the killer finds her vulnerable and decides to zip-tie the bed closed with Julie in it. Luckily her friends were close by to save her, or she could of become another roasted chick.

Now let’s hear these screams and check out some girls in bikini’s. I mean come on who doesn’t seeing girls scream in bikini’s?

Bleeding out!

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