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Inhuman Resources ‘Redd Inc.’ Trailer

inhuman resources movie

Inhuman Resources is not for the faint at heart.

We all know the term ‘human resources’ from our everyday lives. But when does it cross the line into being ‘inhuman’? Well in this film you get a taste of what it would be like if your boss was a sadistic killer and literally working you ‘to death’.

What is Inhuman Resources about?

Six workers wake up not knowing what has happened and they are literally chained to their desk. A sick and twisted escaped serial killer; who used to be a regional manager has done it. Thomas Reddmann (Red) assigns his human resources the task of proving his innocence. But they must hurry as they only have so many chances or they will suffer the consequence.

Inhuman Resources Updates:

This film was directed by Daniel Krige and written by Jonathon Green, and Anthony O’Connor. It stars Nicholas Hope, Sam Reid, Kelly Paterniti, and Tom Savini. Original release was in Japan in November of 2012. It is now available on dvd and VOD!

Bleeding out!

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