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I Thought You Were A Nice Man-Indie Promo

i thought you were a nice man 2014

He is not a nice man!

I Thought You Were A Nice Man is an indie film that was brought to our attention from the lovely Tempast Wulf. It is currently in production but they need your help to get this project fully funded. Please support and get this film up and ready for release by going Here! Every little bit counts and we know that after you watch this teaser video about the film that you will want to see it as much as we do!

So what is ‘I Thought You Were A Nice Man’ about?

It is directed by Charles W. Bailey, and written by Carlos Dunn (Vampires2 Films). It stars Misty Stone, Tempast Wulf, Michael Aaron Milligan, Kristoph Wulf, and Monica Landin.

It is based off the book of the same name (author Carlos Dunn), and according to sources, it has been removed from the shelves. Apparently they do not want us to know what is ‘in the basement’, but if you have already been blessed with reading the book then I guess you already know.

From what we know, this film is about a serial killer is on the loose and all of his victims are very pretty young girls. The missing girls just disappear and no one hears from them ever again. A girl named Tomassa is dying of cancer and a so called ‘nurse’ decides to cut off her finger and has Tomassa suck the blood out. Pretty gross, but apparently this cures her of the disease. Years later Tomassa meets a ‘nice guy’ who is not very nice at all. Luckily for her she is not like all the other missing girls, and she is ready to fight back.

Make sure to check back with us as more details on this film arise. For now we hope that this film gets competed for the release date of October 30, 2014.

Support the film:
I Thought You Were A Nice Man!

Bleeding out!

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