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Film Review: Seconds Apart

seconds apart movie twins

Double trouble takes on a new meaning in ‘Seconds Apart’.

The title says it all as we get to see two times the terror in this twisted flick. I mean we’ve all seen movies with twins in them right? They are usually good or bad (or at least one typically is), and in this film you get two!

What is ‘Seconds Apart’ about anyways?

It is about twins Seth and Jonah who have the ability of telepathy. Things at school start to get out of control as classmates keep dying. It is not your typical deaths as they become even more bizarre as the story unfolds. A police detective suspects that they are doing the crimes but cannot figure out how to prove it. Do they get away with it and continue on, or has fate finally pulled their names.

My thoughts on this film:

Well it started of with a ‘bang’ as they played Russian roulette, and damn they were definitely not playing! Such a great way to start off a film thinking wtf? I doubt anyone would knowingly keep playing after they see someone actually die playing this ruthless game, if not they must be psycho.

So then we get to find out that the twins had something to do with it. Videotaping the whole thing and watching it for their own enjoyment. Well I guess not as they said, ‘I don’t feel anything’. How brutal and heartless is that as they watch their own classmates take their life? This is when I began to think to myself that this might actually be a decent movie.

Okay so these sociopaths do everything together, eat, brush their teeth, comb their hair, and even sleep. I would say that’s a little too close for comfort, don’t you think? We could all use our space and I just thought this was a bit too weird. I don’t even want to think about anything else they might be doing together.

As the movie progresses and more people ‘kill’ themselves, the twins become even more suspect. They are at every scene of the crime and don’t have to move a muscle. As long as they hold hands they can do anything. I’m sure if this type of power existed we would all be doomed. I could just look at you and ‘poof’ dead! Pretty awesome but scary as all hell if you really think about it.

Their parents are freaks as the mother at some point says, ‘Touch my stretch marks’ as you unzips her blouse. Uh mom yeah that’s a little to close for comfort. Gross I say! Even if you are close with your parents, seriously that’s just too much. Besides that, since the twins look almost identical they can have sex with someone and the other person not realize it. It happens in this movie and I believe that no matter how ‘identical’ one can look you’d still be able to tell them apart. If you can’t then you must really be stupid. Everyone has their own personality and I guess all the chick wanted was a dick.

Anyways, the twins start to pull apart and therefore their power weakens. They must be together for full power. The detective is on the case and will prove it is them doing these horrific murders. In all horror movies, at least ones like this there always is a twist. I will not uncover it but it was well throughout and made the story better.

Overall I thought this was a good movie. The ending was alright but it could of been better. It was one that was almost satisfying but just not there. I would of liked to see them, or at least one of them die horrifically to feel good. Just a little more torture and this movie would have been awesome!

What did you think of this movie? If you have yet to see it check it out and let us know your thoughts!

Seconds apart is a 2011 American horror film. Directed by Antonio Negret and written by George Richards. It is now available online for purchase.

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