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‘Fear Clinic’ Trailer-Face Your Fears!

fear clinic movie banner

Will you join us at the Fear Clinic?

Fear Clinic is an upcoming horror film that will be hitting the big screen soon. It is based off the extremely popular web series of the same name. This time, with even more patients and terrifying new phobias.

So you haven’t seen the series Fear Clinic? Well don’t worry about that, because after watching this trailer we know you will become a fan!

Fear Clinic is directed by Robert Hall and written by Robert Hall and Aaron Drake. It stars Robert Englund, Thomas Dekker, Kevin Gage, and Corey Taylor. Wait did I just say that? Well yes, that is the Corey Taylor that is in Slipknot and of course our wonderful Robert Englund! I for one after just hearing those names and watching the trailer I was sold. This is a film that I need to see and stat!

Dr Andover (Robert Englund) is a doctor who works with patients to cure them from their phobias. He places them inside a ‘fear chamber’ which animates their fears and causes hallucinations. Is this a cure or just a means to something more sinister?

At this time they are aiming for a theatrical release in October of this year. We sure hope so and look forward to checking it out!

Bleeding out!

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