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Evil Rising-Movie News

evil rising horror movie poster

Evil Rising is now in production.

Evil Rising comes to us from Swedish director Jarno Lee Vinsencius. This will be his first ever English speaking feature film. It is an independent horror film that is currently in production in Poland at an 18th century castle.

The cast has been revealed and includes all Swedish actors and actresses. Anna Lott, Kase Chlopecki, Demis Tzivis, Livia Tsirk, Peter Hallin, Karen Haugaard, and Asko Päiviö all star in this film.

JLV Pictures plan to complete this film for a summer 2014 release date. If they acheive this as desired, they will make it right on time for a Scream Fest LA world premiere.

The trailer for Evil Rising has now been released and is below. As you can see they do not give much details of what is happening in the film yet. This creates more mystery and just asks us to want more. I think it is a great ‘teaser’ and cannot wait to see what else they come out with!

What is Evil Rising about?

Evil Rising is about a group of paranormal investigators that take a chance on a haunted mansion to look for any signs of paranormal activity. On their weekend stay, one of them becomes missing, which only brings all of their lives into danger. Death is right around the corner and its coming for them.

Evil Rising Official Sites:

Official Website

Official Facebook

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