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Eli Roth-Knock Knock

eli roth knock knock film

Eli Roth will be directing horror film ‘Knock Knock’.

It was announced today that Eli Roth will yet again be directing a horror film, and it is called Knock Knock. At this time we are still awaiting the release of Eli Roth’s latest horror film, ‘The Green Inferno’ which is slated for a September 5th release date.

His new film, called Knock Knock is about two girls that make a mans life a living hell. Oh did we mention that its a married man? I can only imagine all the fun that Roth will have with this film. We are all used to the over-the-top bloody films like ‘Hostel’. So whatever he has up his sleeves must be good!

Roth will direct and co-write with Nicolas Lopez and Guillermo Amoedo, the two that also collaborated with him in the making of ‘Aftershock’. The Wrap reports that the film will be budgeted under $10 million and will begin production in April of this year.

Roth is also in the talks of a sequel to his upcoming film ‘The Green Inferno’ and is also involved in a Dracula type film called ‘Harker’.

Be sure to check back for more news on the subject. For now lets all fantasize of what this film ‘Knock Knock’ could ultimately show us. Bloody? Torture? Whatever it is I’m in!

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