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‘Deadly Friend’ Plays Basketball

deadly friend basketball scene

Death by basketball is a notorious scene in Deadly Friend.

If you have not seen this death scene your are definitely missing out. Basketball to the face, a classic movie hit! We got your 80’s graphics and cheesy goodness right here.

What is Deadly Friend about?

Paul and his mother move to a new town and he brings along his robot ‘BB’. BB is a very smart robot that Paul created, he even teaches him to deliver newspapers. In his town of Welling Proper, he meets his next-door neighbor Samantha and notices bruises on her arm. He suspects it is her alcoholic father who beats her but cannot do anything about it. One night Samantha’s father throws her down the stairs and she remains brain dead. She is rushed to the hospital with no hope in mind. That is when Paul thinks of his robot BB and decides to sneak in to save Samantha. The new ‘brain’ that Paul implanted has worked, but leads to terrifying murderous results.

More about the film:

Deadly Friend is a film that came out in 1986. It was Directed by Wes Craven, and Produced by Robert L. Crawford, Patrick Kelley, and Robert M. Sherman. It was released Sep 25, 2007 by the Warner Home Video studio and you can now purchase or watch it online.

Bleeding out!

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