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The Lazarus Effect Trailer | Horror Movies 2015

horror movies 2015

The Lazarus Effect Ultimate Undead Trailer was super intense. I haven't seen a good suspenseful horror movie trailer in quite awhile until now. It was so good I had to watch it 10 times in a row.


Scream Park-Take A Ride To Your Death

scream park doug bradley

Hellraisers non other than Doug Bradley stars in Scream Park. This film will be available on DVD April 22, 2014 and is sure to scare the hell out of you!


‘Fear Clinic’ Trailer-Face Your Fears!

fear clinic movie robert

Fear Clinic is based off the extremely popular web series of the same name. This time, with even more patients and terrifying new phobias. Will you join us at the Fear Clinic?


Who Is The Real ‘Mr. Jones’?

mr jones scarecrow

Who is this 'Mr Jones' and what does he want?


13 Sins-Create Chaos For A Cash Prize

13 sins official trailer

Here is the Official trailer for 13 Sins. If you had to execute 13 tasks for a cash prize would you do it?


Will You ‘Deliver Us From Evil’?

deliver us from evil news

Will this film Deliver you from evil? Or will the monster drag you to hell?


I’ve Got ‘Stage Fright’

stage fright mask

We've all experienced a sense of Stage Fright throughout our lives, but does this film do it justice?


Sin City is Literally ‘A Dame to Kill For’

jessica alba a dame to kill for

The chicks just keep getting hotter and even more deadlier!


Afflicted-New Trailer Release

afflicted movie 2014

Afflicted is a new found footage horror film in theaters April 4th! This is not your typical documentary type film, this time I think they actually created something amazingly scary! See for yourself.


Dark House-Trailer

dark house trailer

Dark House is an upcoming horror movie that is directed by Victor Salva. It will be on DVD March 11th, and will be in select theaters March 14th in LA and NY.

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