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Ruthless Pictures’ ‘The Device’ In Pre-Production

ruthless pictures the device movie

The Device is in pre-production and sounds bloody fantastic. What is this 'device' anyways? Read on and learn all about it!


Nicholas McCarthy: A ‘Home’ To Be Afraid Of

home creepy horse picture

'Home' is where the fear is in this movie clip by Nicholas McCarthy. This film premiered at SXSW March 9th, 2014 and is a film that is sure to creep you out!


I Thought You Were A Nice Man-Indie Promo

i thought you were a nice man poster 2014

'I Thought You Were A Nice Man' will be released October 30th, 2014 with all of our help. We need to know what is in the basement so let's make this happen!


Oculus-New Promo Images and Posters

oculus bleeding

New Oculus promo images have now been released, along with a second creepy movie poster. Check them out and more here.


Eli Roth-Knock Knock

eli roth knock knock news

Eli Roth will be yet again directing a horror film! This time it is called 'Knock Knock'.


Rob Zombie-New Film

rob zombie horror

Rob Zombie quits the hockey film he has been working on for years, 'Broad Street Bullies', and returns to horror. The crazy idea just came to him, and hell it's Zombie so its gotta be good!


Darr At The Mall-In Theaters

darr at the mall photo

Darr @ The Mall is in theaters in India today, February 21st, 2014. It is directed by Pavan Kirpalani who also wrote Ragini MMS. The supernatural are in the mall, but so are you!


Evil Rising-Movie News

evil rising horror poster 2014

Evil Rising is currently being shot in Poland. It is an independent horror film written and directed by Jarno Lee Vinsencius. The first movie 'teaser' trailer is now here!


Housecore Horror Film Fest Returns

housecore horror film festival 2014

Housecore Horror Film Fest is happening again this coming October. Philip Anselmo announced the news on Valentine's Day. What better than a festival mixed with our two favorites, metal and horror!


The Rocky Horror Picture Show-Actor Has Died

rocky horror picture show

The actor who played the original Brad in 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' has died.

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