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American Horror Story: Coven-Season Finale Recap

american horror story coven review

Who will be the next supreme? If you just watched the season finale then you know who just like me. If you missed it and don’t want to know yet then I’d advise you not to read on.

I don’t know about you but the beginning just seemed like a cheesy music video that you wish would just stop. Okay I get it that they were showing all the witches, but what’s with the singing?

For once since Fiona did not name her successor, the four get to prove themselves for the position of Supreme. They must get through all of the tasks ordered and only then will they be a Supreme. Number 1: Telekinesis. Misty, Queenie, Madison, then Zoe. They all completed it without issue. Number 2: Concilium (control over mind). They are all able to do it but Madison and Zoe pull off their own “show” for each other. Number #3: Descensum (a perilous descent into the nether world of afterlife) aka hell! Misty wont come back, she keeps killing a live frog over and over again because she won’t just let it die. She could not escape the perpetual loop and did not make it back in time. She is now forever lost in hell. I always figured Misty would be the first to go, and I was right.

Number 4: Transmutation (teleportation). A little game of “hide and seek” goes terribly wrong. Zoe miraculously ends up on top of a fence and must be brought back. Madison refuses and for now it seems that Zoe is also gone.

Cordelia will now perform the seven wonders as asked as they believe she is ultimately the next supreme and has been all along. Are they right? Continue on and hear it for yourself.

They have all made it to Number 5: Divination up next. They must find belongings of past Supreme’s. Madison could not do it and made a big lame fuss out of it. Saying things like “I’m going back to Hollywood” or “I’ll tell TMZ all about you”. That really just proves the point that no one ever actually liked you in this show anyways. If you did then please explain?

As Madison attempts to pack up and go back to “acting”, Zoe’s love Kit comes in and chokes her to death for letting her die when she had the chance to bring her back. As this is all happening Cordelia brings Zoe back, thank god at least someone with brains could do it!

Cordelia can now see again after she brought back Zoe. She is the next SUPREME! Of course the next thing to do is to go on TV and tell all about their “witch academy”, calling on all witches to join them.

Myrtle asks to be burned at the stake for what she has done. Symbolic for no matter who they are or what they have done they still have to deal with the consequences. Burn Baby Burn!

Witches flock to their establishment in huge numbers. But first, a flashback to Fiona and Axe man and the plans that they had before her demise. We learn that Fiona faked her death with goats blood and returns to “kill” the next supreme. She sees her daughter as the Supreme and is weakening by the minute. As she is dying you almost feel sorry for her. But then again, she was a mega bitch and all those tears she shed were just plain ol’ wasted.

We get to see a glimer of Fiona’s hell as she forever will be in eternity with Axe Man. Wait wasn’t this what she always wanted? Yeah right.

I thought this was definitely a great episode. It wasn’t one of those that made you want to shit your pants in anticipation but it still had it. Death, twists and turns around every corner, and of course a new Supreme to rein.
So now that Cordelia’s the next Supreme, will she turn into a horror story as her mother was? Will she be the ultimate Supreme for all her new young students? We will have to wait until next season to find out and am sure it will be worth the wait!

Damn now all I can think of now is I want a supreme burrito or something, all that talking “supreme” made me hungry! How about all of you? Let us know your thoughts on this episode and what you look forward to see next season.

The list of all seven wonders as they never fully listed them all in this episode:

1- Telekinesis

2- Concilium (control over mind)

3- Transmutation (teleportation)

4- Divination

5- Vitalum Vitalis (the balancing scales between one life force and another)

6- Descensum (a perilous descent into the nether world of afterlife) aka:HELL

7- Pyrokinesis

Bleeding out!

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