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13 Sins Movie-SXSW Pictures 2014

13 sins movie bloody car photo

Now that we’re in the month of April it looks like we are getting closer to the movie release of 13 Sins  April 18th, 2014  starring some familiar celebrity faces. One of them of course being Ron Perlman which you may recognize movies like Hellboy and the infamous biker bad boy tv show Sons of Anarchy.

13 Sins Movie Cast in photos

      • Ron Perlman
      • Mark Webber
      • Devon Graye

13 Sins Horror Movie Photos 2014

Ron Perlman 13 Sins Pictures 2014

Ron Perlman | 13 Sins SXSW Photos 2014

Mark Webber 13 Sins SXSW Photos 2014

Devon Graye 13 Sins SXSW 2014 Pictures

You can check out the movie trailer for 13 Sins at our previous post Here for more information on this killer movie.

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