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13 Sins-Create Chaos For A Cash Prize

13 sins photo still 2014

’13 Sins’ Official Trailer.

Would you sin for money? What if you were told that all you need to do are these 13 things, and each time your cash reward becomes greater, would you do it?

13 Sins is about a man that is in debt. Who isn’t these days right? Well he has the luck of a lifetime. While at a stoplight he gets a phone call that tells him to swat a fly. He is told that if he does then money will automatically be deposited into his account. Okay awesome, so swat the fly and get $1,000 dollars? Yeah I’m in! The only problem is that he must do 13 of these so called ‘acts of sin’, but each time the consequences will rise. Will he be able to go through with all the sins or just die trying?

Does this plot sound familiar? Well there is a Thailand film called, ’13: Game of Death’, and yes, it is the same story-line. Either way, after watching this trailer I am definitely into this film and cannot wait until it comes out. It is full of suspense, and just looks like a hell of a good movie! What do you think?

13 Sins will be in theaters April 18th, 2014.

Bleeding out!

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